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ARTS CAN DO, Songjiang District Supplementary School

Location: Songjiang District Supplementary School
Date: Friday 31/03/17

In March 2016, we opened our newest ARTS CAN DO center is based at the Songjiang District Supplementary School, a special educational school dedicated working with children with special needs and disability.

The ARTS CAN DO program provides art workshops delivered on a weekly basis by our resident artists. These workshops aim to stimulate the children's creativity and provide a channel for them to freely express themselves.

ACAF is building a long-term partnership with Shanghai Songjiang District Supplementary School. We aim to seek out and invite artists who have a keen interest in working with the community and can apply their creativity to developing thought provoking experiences for children with special needs. To date the following artists have contributed to the program: Brenton Mark Rossow, Zhang Liangxi, Kriss Wong, Monica Ferreras, Ju Fang, Zhang Yi, Wei Xing, Zeng Peng Fei and Wu di.

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