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ACAF Fellowships

Location: China
Date: Tuesday 01/01/13

The ACAF Fellowship Program places Australian artists in studios across China, including the rural artistic communities of Xucun (Shanxi Province) and Chengdu (Sichuan Province) and the cosmopolitan art centres of Beijing and Shanghai. Based in one of these studios and for a period of two months, Fellows work alongside ACAF’s Chinese Fellows to engage in cross-cultural artistic exchange, produce new works for exhibition in China and Australia, and develop regional networks and understanding. The Fellowships include planned events, including workshops, seminars and dinners, with leading Chinese artists, curators and collectors. Where possible, Fellowships are timed to take advantage of major biennales and festivals in the local area, enabling greater artistic and commercial network development and intensified immersion in local arts and culture. At the end of each year, ACAF presents an exhibition of the works produced by Fellows in the preceding year. Please note the details of the terms and conditions are subject to the individual fellowship program.

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