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Standing Together - Looking Inward. ACAF Projects at Contemporary Istanbul 2017

Wednesday 13/09/17

In a very troubled world contemporary art might seem to have an uncertain relevance. At ACAF we feel quite the opposite and with this in mind we are again exhibiting at Contemporary Istanbul to bring works of Chinese artists to art enthusiasts in Turkey.  Our exhibition Standing Together - Looking Inward has its own relevance but it also stands as in solidarity with the arts community of Turkey in what are very troubled times. This is our third time at the Contemporary Istanbul art fair and over the past two exhibitions the artists whose work we have exhibited have been taken to heart by art enthusiasts as well as collectors. Broadening the international awareness and collector base for our artists is one of the main focuses of ACAF.

Standing Together - Looking Inward

Throughout history art has been central in introducing ideas from different regions and enabling an understanding of the different ways that humans see the world.

The aim of this presentation is to let us stand together, side by side, to share insights with people with whom we may not be able to communicate verbally, to share our inner feelings, our interpretation of our worlds, our concerns, our personal and shared future.

The artists in this presentation take different routes to the same end. We are seduced by hyperrealistic beauty, intrigued by reinterpretation of familiar images, confronted  by unfamiliar techniques, drawn in by the subtitles of ancient art forms and forced to reassess our relationship with new medias. 

Hopefully the result will be that we come to our own personal understanding of part of the world view of another human being from a different culture. A clearer understanding of both our shared and different values: Both consolation and hope.

The Australia China Art Foundation is very pleased to collaborate with FERKOART, founded by Ferko Construction, to bring these works by inspiring artists from China and Australia to Contemporary Istanbul.

FERKOART, making its collection accessible to the public through international collaborations, publications, residencies and educational programs, aims to help people explore their relationship with the world through art. Together we share the belief that art plays a pivotal role in unifying the world.

ACAF is extremely grateful to FERKOART, Contemporary Istanbul and the art lovers of Istanbul for the opportunity to be part of the art scene in Turkey. Since our first venture here in 2015 we have shown works by significant, challenging and inspiring artists. In Standing Together - Looking Inward we highlight works by Ling Jian, Jia Qiuyu, JInshan, Song Ling, Leela Schauble,  Li Wenguan, Yang Mian  and Chen Wei.

In our third participation at CI, we further explore the different concepts of beauty, colour and the subtleties of medium through the eyes of some of the region’s most innovative artists. 

ACAF Projects

The Australia China Art Foundation, ACAF is a not for profit foundation that promotes the understanding of Chinese and Australian art in the wider world. It also works to promote the work of international artists, in this case Turkish artists, in China and Australia. We achieve our objectives through ACAF Projects which exhibits at international art fairs as well as in its own exhibition program in China and Australia. 

ACAF also provides a Residence Program in China for artists from around the world who come to work and study in Shanghai. This year we are focusing on introducing artists from Turkey to the contemporary art world in China. We encourage both artists who would like to participate and sponsors who would like to contribute to the program to contact us.

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