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Shanghai bids to support the children of Arts Can Do

Wednesday 26/11/14
Shanghai came out in force to support the children of Arts Can Do at our auction at the James Cohan Gallery. The gallery features an exhibition of the children’s paintings and those of the local and international artists who had worked with them in Arts Can Do over the past two years.

The very lively auction was conducted by Louisa Lo of Christie’s Hong Kong who kindly gave up her weekend to support the children. No doubt she was also scouting for budding artists. Laure Raibaut, Vice President of Asian Contemporary Art Christie’s HK and an early supporter also attended. We were also honoured by the presence of the Swedish Consulate General, Viktoria Li.

Successful bidders included lots of mothers with children who immediately identified with our children’s work and visitors from broad such as Nancy Nan from Jakarta and Tiffany Soong from Phenix Media in Shanghai.

Highlights of the auction were the work MEDIA, the original piece donated from his own collection by Swiss artist Shauket Kohzo Imam, founder of Kohzo Denim, Japan, a Turkish sailing holiday donated by Tanju Dagli, a lake side experience at theTaihuhui Boutique Hotel and lots of Kaluga Queen Caviar by one of the best producer of Caviar in the world, Kaluga Queen. There were of course the children’s paintings plus jewellery and flowers donated by local businesses. 

We must especially thank The Taihuhui Hotel  which will offer their space as Arts Can Do training centre for artists and volunteers as well as host exhibitions of children work at their museum.  They will also host walking and bicycle events around the lake side for Arts Can Do in 2015.

Visitors were entertained with live music by the group Missing Socks.Kaimei Wang, founder of art consulting company, Suddenly Art, presented the teenager band for the event. The band consists of 6 middle school students living and studying in Shanghai, but each has an international background. Two members of the band Ella Olsson and Leon Olsson also participated Arts Can Do's family day event in Pudong special school. To see and to help those kids who are having a much harder life than their owns is an eye-opening experience for them. It's why these teenagers feel very proud to bring their music to the charity event and to the children from these schools. 

Swedish General Consulate in Shanghai Ms Viktoria Li also took part in the event.

Children from the Jiu Qian centre helped host visitors. They were extremely proud to be able to be involved in the event and to see their works being appreciated. 

All in all great fun and excitement in a good cause.

Spotlights on Key Sponsors

“MEDIA” -The Original Piece of Wearable Industrial Art by Kohzo

This is the original pair of jeans designed by Swiss artist Shauket Kohzo Imam, founder of Kohzo Denim, Japan. 

This piece of wearable art is from the designer’s private collection and has featured in the National Museum of Switzerland  in Zurich and other galleries around the world.  It is a signature piece of his industrial art.  It represents the Kohzo philosophy  of combining tradition, naturalness,environment awareness and tomorrow’s technology. Shauket Kohzo created jeans that eclipsed all fashion that has gone before for style innovation and creativity.MEDIA is a seminal design piece. Made in Japan from pure organic cotton these jeans feature real newspapers transferred to the denim with embellishments painted by the artist.A limited number of reproductions were made by Kohzo for its outlets in Paris, Zurich, LA and HK and were sought after by celebrities and collectors alike. This , however,is the original. Generously donated by the artist to support our children.A truly rare opportunity to acquire an iconic piece of art you canwear.

About Kaluga Queen  

Qian Dao Hu (thousand island lake) -- “the most beautiful lake under heaven” has a water area of 573 square kilometers,with 87% forest coverage, visibility of over 7 meters and zero pollution emission. The nearly wild growing environment, scientific natural fish feed management system, makes the perfect environment for Kaluga Queen caviar. With inherited traditional processing techniques from Russia and Iran, merged with modern European processing technique, Kaluga Queen operates strictly under the HACCP management system according to the highest international food processing hygiene standards ensuring the product’s stability and safety. The productionis so streamlined that every roe of Kaluga Queen Caviar explodes perfectly with texture and delicacy.

Recognised as one of the world’s finest and freshest caviars, Kaluga Queen is now available within China. Kaluga Queen has been honoured with praise from some of the world’s most sophisticated restaurants,initially in China and now internationally.

Kaluga Queen supports Arts Can Do and if you wish to purchase Kaluga Queen Caviar while supporting Arts Cao Do, please contact us on

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