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Qin Chong ‘Endless Polarity’ exhibition

Tuesday 18/09/12

ACAF supported survey exhibition of the works of Qin Chong, 2000 - 2012, opens 29th September at He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen.

The exhibition features iconic works by Qin Chong including paintings from the Whatever ​(2009-2012) and Remember (2010-2012) series' as well as installatuion works such as Past-Future (2002-2012) and up to the limit (2000). The exhibition will also feature new works by Qin Chong. 


'Using painting, installation, performance, and video, Qin Chong expresses his relationship to social reality and existence. Reflecting his life as a cultural nomad, this exhibition is a comprehensive expression of his basic attitudes towards Eastern and Western art and artistic transformations.

Qin’s art realizes the ability and possibility of free transcendence in a new context. He understands “matter” in traditional Chinese thought, in which power coalesces secretly. He then uses it to give structure to modern and post-modern methods. Within intersections, spaces, and black, white, and grey contrasts, the visible and invisible, the real and unreal structures of the works all obviously highlight the changes in the times and society. His works also reflect the difficulties of life, human bonding, psychological anxiety, and the conflicts and contradictions between traditional and contemporary and Eastern and Western. His expressive methods are certainly full of wisdom, but they are also a challenge for the artist. As an exaggerated, metaphorical, and symbolic display, the key to its success or failure is decided by the artist in the selection of the medium. The medium must naturally merge with concept, form, and language to allow the viewer to smoothly map his thinking onto a visual plane.

Therefore, this exhibition is the direct disclosure of Qin Chong’s personal experience and memory, which have absorbed and felt each other. It is also the embodiment of his experiments in “documentation and fabrication.”'
- He Xiangning Art Museum


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