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Paint roller in high demands

Sunday 14/02/16

I was really grateful that Uncle Lee was able to send me to the orphanage in Nan Hui, or else it would be a long journey by subway train. We stopped by at the Animal Park subway station to pick up Victoria and Xi Yang.

We arrived shortly and greeted by the teachers there. The kids were already in the class. We were 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. All of a sudden, a girl slammed the table, asking us to start the class. Without a moment to waste, I got the materials ready and started the class.

The kids at Jiuqian centre in Puxi liked the stencil art. So, I thought the kids here would like it too. I showed them how to cut the stencil. Then, it was their turn to cut their own stencils. They started cutting many different stencil designs. I noticed a few of them cut out many small designs on one paper. A girl asked me to cut a shape of a girl for her. So I did.

I started mixing the colour and got the paint roller ready when I saw that they were about to finish cutting. Then they took turn to stencil their designs. I moved around to help them press their stencil on the paper so that the stencil would not move while they were stenciling it. The atmosphere was very lively because the kids were having fun stenciling. We laughed so much. It seemed that one paint roller was not enough to fulfill their demands. A boy got a bit impatient when he had to wait for his turn. I ended the art class soon he finished stenciling.

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