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On China

Monday 14/12/15

ACAF - AUSTRALIA CHINA ARTS FOUNDATION has invited German visual artist Charlie Stein for three months into their residency, located in the new artist quarter in Songjiang, Shanghai.  The project that Charlie Stein is conducting functions as a collaborative social exchange in which the children of Chinese migrant workers and orphans with special needs and other disadvantages are encouraged to share their own stories and voicing their own thoughts. The project "On China" focuses on giving Chinese children with disadvantages a chance to express themselves in relation to Chinese traditional culture by telling their stories on vases, using blue color on porcelain on the same way as Chinese porcelain. The idea is to put them from the outer rim of society back into the center by reconnecting China's future (the kids) with their traditional cultural heritage (the past). The children get the chance to have their vases and stories exhibited in the exhibition space of the Australia China Art Foundation in Songjiang. Charlie Stein has studied new media arts at Christian Jankowski in Stuttgart and is exhibiting her work internationally. Her works are in Collections in New York, Istanbul, Berlin, Beijing and Shanghai.    

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