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MIXED MEDIA reviewed by Dan Rule in The Saturday Age

Saturday 04/02/12


Themes of struggle, decay and tension between old and new echo throughout this group show of contemporary Chinese and Australian artists. There are plenty of highlights. While Pia Johnson's photographs of decrepit Shanghai neighbourhoods and architecture would have benefited from a larger format, her incisive compositions and unlikely spying of colour amid the rubble speaks of places - and more implicitly. the people - that economic booms have the habit of forgetting. Ji Wenyu and Zhu Weibing's linen sculpture depicts a cluster of tiny figures atop a plinth, desperately clinging to a swath of fabric as it falls from the edge, another group of figures dangling precariously from the opposite end. Fang Kai's visceral self-portrait, meanwhile, shows an artist unable to escape the scourge of history. 


The Saturday Age, February 4th 2012

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