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Far East Duet opening event on 3rd August

Friday 09/08/13

Australia China Art Foundation proudly celebrated the opening event for "Far East Duet", an exhibition by Han Yajuan and Jiwon (Irene) Hwang, on Saturday, August 3rd 2013 at the Australia China Art Foundation’s Project Space in Prahran.

The duel exhibitions feature Han Yajuan, a stand out in the latest generation of phenomenally talented artists to emerge from the contemporary Chinese art scene, and Jiwon (Irene) Hwang, a highly promising emerging Melbourne-based Korean artist with an extraordinary tale of difficulty in her pursuit of art. Their works illustrate the diversity of “The Far East” as Yajuan and Hwang, who were born in the same year but with vastly different upbringings and influences, cover the common theme of obsession with fun and playfulness, but with different perspectives and different styles. The exhibition presents a beautifully balanced and thoughtful exhibition on isolation and interaction.

After celebrating with some drinks and some light food, ACAF were fortunate to have Jiwon (Irene) Hwang present to speak and give some insight into her creative process and works. ACAF Founder Yashian Schauble was also present and spoke about the construction of the “Far East Duet” exhibition and gave a brief presentation of Han Yajuan's art practice and video installation. She also talked on the exciting future of the Australia China Art Foundation and associated charity projects including "Arts Can Do", an art-based education project which aims to help disadvantaged children reach their full potential by developing life skills and confidence through involvement in art.

To those who were able to join us for the opening party, thank you for your support and attendance. For those who have not yet made it in to see the “Far East Duet”, we look forward to having you in before the exhibition closes on September 11th, 2013.

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