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“Every color needs to get bloom, every kid needs to get loved.”

Friday 12/12/14

A family day and Christmas party was held by the Australia China Art Foundation (ACAF) and Shanghai Jiuqian Volunteer Center on 6th December 2014, in order to celebrate the completion of the third Arts Can Do program in Jiuqian. Apart from the kids and teachers from Pudong, Nanhui and Puxi campus, some parents also attended this family day. And they felt so contented when they saw the beautiful works done by their kids.

There is no doubt the kid is the spotlight in this family day, especially the smile they showed when they saw their works were displayed in video, they talked with each other to show their excitement. The family day and Christmas party started with an upbeat song “Jingle Bell” by ACAF staffs, bringing us to an early Christmas. Then, Kitty (Ren Zhimeng) played ancient zither and Joe (Zhou peng) played flute. The most touching part is the chorus by kids from Nanhui. “Every color needs to get bloom”, “every kid needs to get loved” those lyrics remind us of these kids’ tough experience, they are orphans adopted by different families. To some extent, Arts Can Do program brings them a second life. Art is like a key, which can unlock children’s closed mind; art is like a bridge, which can bring children a new communication approach, which make them confident. As teacher Tang mentioned,  “The change of kids because of Arts Can Do is remarkable”.

During the party, Zhang Yichao, the founder of Jiuqian, delivered a speech. He expressed his best wishes to these kids and this program. The founder of ACAF, Yashian Schauble also made a short speech, she affirmed the talent of the kids, encouraging them to be more creative and hardworking. Besides, she plans to provide kids more space to exhibit their works and would set up scholarship to encourage children’s passion on art. Rone Waugh the residency artist from ACAF gave a speech as well. He said he used to invite nearby kids to his studio in Sydney to work with him.  But compared with Australian kids, Chinese kids seem to be more creative and enthusiastic. He really enjoys his residency program and the period with these kids.

At the end of the family day, Mrs. Yashian Schauble sent the kids toy koala bear from Australia, books and Christmas presents. Our family day ended up in the happy mood. 

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