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Sunday 13/03/16

Who are you? This question begs many more, What are you? Where are you from? What do you do?  These could be considered very loaded questions. In search of answers, you may refer to your driver's license, passport, or social media profile. The common denominator among the aforementioned questions is that by attempting to answer any of them you would be helping to establish your own sense of identity: the name you are assigned at birth, the identity of 'self' such as your nationality, gender and race.

This exhibition seeks to decode the relationships we have with ourselves, others, the objects around us and the places in which we live, through introspective interpretation and existential reasoning. The immersive films, prints and installations invite participants to openly explore the concept of identity by interpreting emotions, thoughts and anomaly, free from structured and presupposed information.

The word Identity is often used as a catalyst for the categorization of people, objects and places. This has established a pattern in which the individual ceases to objectively analyze what they are identifying. The conversation between the different works within this space challenges the viewer to re address any homogeneous understanding they may have of what they see in front of them.

Between You and Them is a transnational show between both Australian, Chinese and Turkish artists bringing forth an array of different topics for the participant to realize and discuss. Ranging from film that addresses the chequered past shared by Australia, Chinaand Turkey to a self reflexive installation. Each work connotes the artist's own experience and understanding, collectively the show is a cross pollination of both personal and cultural experience.

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