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ARTS CAN DO - A Fundraiser Event during Art Basel HK

Friday 24/05/13

The Arts Can Do fundraiser held on 24th May during Art Basel Hong Kong was a great success. The money raised from the auction of artworks and from donations on the night, will secure the first independent ACAF Arts Can Do centre for children in need, in the remote mountain village of Xucun. Artists and therapists will work with some of the most disadvantaged children in China to help them find a way out their emotional and educational isolation.

The function at the 4 Seasons Hotel was opened by the Australian High Commissioner to Hong Kong, Paul Tighe, and introduced by Colin Sheaf, Chairman of Bonhams Asia. Guests included John McDonald, Australia’s leading art critic; Julia Lomax, director of Visual Arts, Arts Funding at the Australia Council for the Arts; and Lesley Always, director of Asialink Arts. There were distinguished attendees from China, HK, Australia and many other countries.

Over two hundred art lovers came along and learnt of the work ACAF is doing with the Arts Can Do program for the children of migrant workers. The silent auction gave our supporters a great opportunity to acquire some fine pieces of art.  Works sold included The Vice by Gao Weigang, Forever by Ling Jian, In the Crowd by Pei Pei He, Stranger by Qu Yan, Lush Grass by Shi Zhiying, The Face #65 by Song Ling, Flower in the Vase by Wang Changbai, and Kontakthof - A Piece by Pina Bausch #6 by William Yang.

The night was made possible by the generosity of supportive collectors, artists and galleries around the world and our many kind corporate and government sponsors. The evening resulted in more sponsors coming on board and more volunteers to help with our next event.

If you are interested in donating or would like to work as a volunteer in an Arts Can Do project then please email

The artists have been so generous in their donations to Arts Can Do that we still have a number of art works from the silent auction up on the website and available for purchase. All proceeds of the sales will strictly go to Arts Can Do projects.


ACAF 於香港巴塞爾藝術博覽會期間舉辦的“藝術無疆·愛助成長”- 百靈鳥兒童藝術教育和心靈裨補慈善項目募捐酒會得到了社會各界的支援,取得了巨大的成功。募捐酒會的使得ACAF第一个百靈鳥兒童藝術教育中心在中國山西許村的孩子們能順利建立,ACAF 參於的藝術家和心理專家將在7月開始在山西許村開展“藝術無疆·愛助成長”項目。

在活動當晚,澳大利亞駐香港總領事Paul Tighe先生為慈善項目募捐酒會致詞開幕,瀚斯拍賣亞洲董事長Colin Sheaf為慈善項目和募捐活動作了介紹和推進,澳大利亞知名藝術評論家John McDonald、澳大利亞政府政務會視覺藝術部主席Julie Lomax女士、Asialink藝術部的總監Leslay Alway女士和其他各國尊貴的來賓一同參於了啟動本次慈善項目的開幕式。

200多位藝術愛好者也出席了本次藝術慈善項目,他們深深的明白了“藝術無疆·愛助成長” 百靈鳥兒童藝術教育和心靈裨補慈善項目的初衷和意義。同時,無聲拍賣也為贊助者們提供了支援ACAF藝術慈善項目的機會,並且也為其拍到心愛的藝術作品提供一個很好的平臺。售出作品包括高徫剛的“命”,凌健的“永恆的愛”,何佩佩的“在人群中”,渠岩的“陌生人”,石至瑩的“葽草”,宋陵的“脸 65号作品” ,王長白的“瓶中花”,以及William Yang的“Kontakithof-皮娜現代舞系列#6”。




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