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Saturday 20/09/14

Over sixty artists and art lovers attended the first ACAF Art Salon at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing. The aim of the Art Salon is to provide a convivial atmosphere for artists and art lovers to meet and discuss arts and culture.

The first salon featured an exhibition of works of young Beijing artists taking part in Art Nova 100 and the sculptural work "Travellers Bound" by acclaimed artist Shi Jinsong at the entry of the hotel. The Executive Lounge and the terrace provided a perfect space for meeting and for the exhibition. We thank the Four Seasons Beijing for sponsoring the space and the refreshments which helped make the salon a most enjoyable event.

Supporters of our Arts Can Do program had time to catch up with the latest developments and to meet with some of the artists working in the program.  Art lovers and collectors made the most of the opportunity to view the art works, meet and discuss works and ideas with artists from Art Nova 100 and with others from the Beijing art community.

In collaboration with ACAF, Art Nova 100 will provide monthly changing exhibitions in the executive lounge. If you are in Beijing this is a very convenient place to see and buy the work of some the brightest young talents in the local art world at afforsbale levels.  Proceeds from the sale of works go to support Arts Can Do.

If you or your friends would like a personal invitation to our next salon please

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