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ACAF supports Ouyang Chun ‘Infinity Column’ for Shanghai Biennial

Tuesday 18/09/12

ACAF is pleased to support the production of Ouyang Chun's Infinity Column for the 2012 Shanghai Biennial. 

“Infinity Column is combination of different materials of different properties, and just like the endless experience of our tactile flesh, or our culture, politics and utilitarian needs, they are affixed along a seemingly continual stainless steel pipe. Each item is allocated a position in the outwardly random order to make people feel the power of assembly, density and from which the feelings and experiences matching each articles could be made explicit.” –Ouyang Chun

The 30+ meter high sculpture will be a center piece at the Biennial. The column of everyday objects will extend from the ground floor of the new Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum through the upper floors and high over the roof deck.

The Shanghai Biennial will open on the 2nd October 2012. 

To visit the Shanghai Biennial website please click here. 

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