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Tuesday 02/06/15


The new ACAF Art Center in Shanghai has been completed. The Art Centre supports the development of international visual artists and cultivates a local community that appreciates art. At ACAF we offer a supportive culture that takes art and artists seriously and we are open to proposals from Australian, Chinese and international artists.

The Australia China Art Foundation (ACAF) is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art by facilitating meaningful cross-cultural exchange between artists, collectors, institutions and art professionals in Australia, China and around the world. We support artists and organizations to undertake collaborative projects that will develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the rich arts culture of each country.

Since its establishment in Australia in 2011 ACAF has supported numerous Australian, Chinese and international artists with exhibitions at its first Melbourne based art space and collaborated with other project spaces and museums in Australia and China. The ACAF Residency program started in Beijing in 2012 with its 200 sqmt studio and residence space. Now with this Shanghai new setting that is welcoming and accessible by public transportation, we offer an inclusive, multi-generational approach to art and cultural education that serves children, teens and adults at all skill levels. We operate one of the few nonprofit residence, exhibition and creative workshop spaces in Shanghai.

The Shanghai new art center consists of studio, artists residence and exhibition gallery. Located in the lively newly redeveloped Song Jiang university district the area is home to many young and renowned artists studios, new galleries and company start-ups. Ours is a new building and what it may lack in old world charm it makes up for in comfort and livability. Plenty of light, windows and a tree lined streetscape.  Our new building enables us to bring curators, writers, and artists and support staff together in the one building. We are also developing a roof garden area where artists can relax and also hold seminars and functions for the local community.

Address: Unit 1, Building 7, 5555 Shenzhuan Road, Song Jiang District, Shanghai 201619, China



The ACAF Art Center is excited to announce the 2015–16 Curatorial Development Program (CDP) selections. It is an open-call curatorial platform unique to the region and supported by local and international experts in the field.

The Curatorial Development Program (CDP) supports the development of young curators from all around the world. It investigates contemporary culture through the visual arts. It makes possible diverse curatorial visions in a collaborative, non-profit and alternative exhibition space. The 250 square meter exhibition space on the ground floor is the perfect place to showcase the work of young and emerging artists. Curators of selected group exhibitions receive a 1,000 USD stipend and administrative, promotional and technical support. Meals and accommodation are provided for visiting curators from overseas or other cities in China. It is a collaborative vehicle through which young curators and artists present thoughtful and innovative contemporary group exhibitions. It is often connected with our artist in residence program (AIR).

Available exhibition dates for 2015 is Oct 20 – Dec 10 and for 2016 begin in March and end in December.



We are looking for residency proposals from both artists and writers who can work to develop collaborative projects to promote the international understanding through art that ACAF is dedicated to inspiring. We welcome proposals from all fields of art. Past residency artists have included painters, photographers, sculptors, musicians, video and performance artists.

An ACAF Residency offers between one and two month long residency programs from beginning of March till end of December. It provides studio space, meals and accommodation, full cultural and language support. We help our artists become part of the local art community, introducing them to fellow artists, galleries and critics and collectors.

The residence/studio space at ACAF new art center in Shanghai can accommodate four residency program at the same time.  To apply or for more information or to discuss your proposal please email or phone Alice Pan on +86 187-5829-3868



Arts Can Do is an art education and art as therapy program initiated and funded by the Australia China Art Foundation. It brings artists around the world to work with disadvantaged children in China. The program provides art materials, workshops, teachers, volunteers, art therapists and artists. Arts Can Do brings out the creativities; self-expression and self-confidence of these young people and gives them a new dream. Since its first launch in early 2013, the program has provided over 1000 hours of workshops amongst 250 children age between 5 and 16 from the left-behind generation and migrant workers in the city as well as children with learning disability. Arts Can Do has run workshops from five education centres in China located from Xucun, a remote mountain village in Shanxi province, to poorest quarters of booming Shanghai.

Art is powerful and ARTS CAN DO a lot of wonders and Art can witness the blossoming of new hope.

If you feel you could contribute to the work of Arts Can Do either financially, or as volunteers or through ACAF Arts Can Do Residency program then please contact us at or call Alice on +86 187-5829-3868.





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