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Sunday 13/03/16

The Year of the Monkey sees the first exhibition at the ACAF Art Space in Shanghaiand an extension of our Fellowship Program. Our 2016 Fellowship Program now includes an opportunity for young and mid career curators to develop their skills and broaden their exposure to the art world in China. Our ARTS CAN DO Program continues to bring art as therapy to disadvantaged children in Shanghai, Xucun and Yunnan with the help of our supporting artists and donors.  

The first exhibition in our new ACAF Art Space is Between You and Them featuring some of the artists from Australia, China and Turkey who have collaborated with ACAF in recent years. Taking part are Craig Eston, EddyCarrol, Euginia Lim, John McRae, Lorrainne Heller-Nicholas and Selby Ginn from Australia,  Turkish artists Sarp Yavuz from Chicago and Ziya Tacir from Istanbul, and Chinese artists including Bi Rongrong, Fu Xiao, Gu Zhongsheng, HuWeiyi, Huang Shengkai, Li Jingxiong, Li Xiaofei, Wan Min, Xu Dawei, Yuan Cheng, Zhang Lehua, Fan Zongming, Fei Jing, Gu Zhenhua, Hu Weida, Jia Qiuyu, LiHaifen, Liang Wenzhou, Da Ren, Dong Wensheng, Gao Lei, Li Qing, Li Qunli, Liu Weijian, Pan Jinnong, Shen Fan, Tang Guo, Wang Kai, Wang Yi, Yang Dawei, Zong Xitao.

Following the offical opening there will be entertainment headlined by Turkeish belly dancing and French Jazz singing. A  bold move away from the quiet clink of wine glasses and hushed tones normally heard at gallery openings. "We arehaving a party" says ACAF founder Yashian Schauble. "We see art as part of the very fabric of our lives, active enjoyment as well as reflection, so we are celebrating with music, dance, good food and drink". The entertainment will include Anne Evenou, a French contemporary jazz singer and Cai Xin, a modern Chinese Turkish belly dancer. Originally trained as a classical singer in Paris, French Jazz singer Anne Evenou now shares her time between France, China and the USA . Her sold out performances and collaborations with world renowned artists have given her an international reputation. Her repertoire ranges from the Jazz standards of the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday to French chansons and includes Chinese folk and pop songs arranged for jazz. In Shanghai she sings regularly at the Heyday Jazz Club and M Glam.

BetweenYou and Them presents the concept of inter cultural collaboration and expansion of artistic vision that ACAF seeks to encourage. The exhibition is a collaboration betweenACAF and Xinqiao Art Hub and Department of Fine Arts Dong Hua University, Shanghai. Between You and Them is curated by Jeremy Gales our first Curator in Residence. Jeremy holds qualifications from Melbourne University, VIA University Denmark and Oxford University. He has worked as a curator in Sweden and Denmark.

The scope of the works of Between You and Them is diverse, ranging from painting and film to installation. Although there are many artists participating the space is generous and allows each work to communicate its ownmessage. The theme of the show is ‘identity’, this theme acts as a catalyst orprecursor for the works which each artist has contributed, thus a red thread loosely ties each work in conversation with the other and the viewer. The exhibition incorporates a multi faceted and cross disciplinary approach whichis both refreshing and immersive.

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