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A art class from Victoria

Sunday 15/11/15

Vitoria will introduce herself each courses : I am from Ukraine, I am Vitoria. Then she would like clap with the children and say hello.

The morning of the painting, she and the children completed a successive snake. At the first she sent everyone a paper, and she helped the first child draw the tail of the snake. The paper of the next child is to define the snake's body in front of the position. The last child drew the head of the snake. After that children could draw free on their own paper. At the end Victoria pasted the papers on the wall. It became a snake.

Victoria played with children in the noon time. They played the game “crocodile is coming” At first children swam outside the circle. When the crocodile came, they need ran inside the circle. The children played happy.

Victoria asked children draw a dark blue background this afternoon. And then created stars with toothbrushes and fingers. After that children drew some planets, animals, plants, people on another   paper. Then cut down and pasted on the background. At last, there was a universe on paper.

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