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ACAF Project Space, 164 High St, Prahran, Melbourne

Exhibition Dates:

Saturday 14/09/13 - Saturday 02/11/13


Saturday 14th September 1pm - 3pm


Cui Xiuwen



Artist: Cui Xiuwen

Angel No.3

Artist: Cui Xiuwen

Angel No. 11

Artist: Cui Xiuwen

Angel No 13

Artist: Cui Xiuwen

one day in 2004 No 4

Artist: Cui Xiuwen

one day in 2004 No 6

Artist: Cui Xiuwen

Existential Emptiness No 16

Artist: Cui Xiuwen

Existential Emptiness No 20

Artist: Cui Xiuwen

SANJIE (video)

Artist: Cui Xiuwen


Artist: Cui Xiuwen


Artist: Cui Xiuwen


Artist: Cui Xiuwen


On 14th September the Australia China Art Foundation will present “IU-You&Me”, an exhibition of latest work by Cui Xiuwen, one of the leading Chinese conceptual artists. At this exhibition, we will be also showing some of her early works selected between 2003-2012.

Cui Xiuwen’s bold and avant-garde works, are at the forefront of contemporary Chinese photography, video and  paintings.,  Her works have been exhibited widely, most notably at the International Center of Photography and the Asia Society in New York, the Tate Modern in London and the Pompidou Center in Paris.

Xiuwen has a clear insight into freedom of life in space and time. Not in everyday language, nor in social criticism, nor on self-reflection and mental representation, but with keen perception and clear intellect in another direction. Hers is  a unique style, courageous, with great presence.  By following nature, she reconstructs time and space, and triggers  the viewers’ perceptual system for each to complete his or her own work against the multidimensional context she has created.

This exhibition seeks to change the perspective of, and the access to, traditional art. What Cui Xiuwen's “IU-You&Me” to presents is nothing but invisible keys, trying to trigger viewers’ perceptual system, and stimulate viewers’ potential energy and freedom of life.

Now based in Beijing, Cui Xiuwen was born in 1970 in the north-eastern province of Heilongjiang and draws her inspiration from the rapid transformation that China has undergone during her lifetime as well as her interpretations and observations of the spaces, and roles, which exist in Chinese society today.

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