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Art Nova 100 Artists Group Exhibition at Four Seasons Beijing


26F Executive Lounge, Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, 48 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Exhibition Dates:

Monday 28/07/14 - Monday 08/09/14


Dai Dandan, Fan Xuqi, Fang Peixin, Guo Zilong, Song Jiayin, Wang Xi, Xu Qin, Zheng Dongmei, Li Na, Shin Hoyoon, Xiao Bin, Zhang Zheyi


Weave 5

Artist: Dai Dandan

Weave 7

Artist: Dai Dandan

Dust mirror series: Bird of 3

Artist: Fan Xuqi


Artist: Fang Peixin

Miniature Garden Series - First season of 7

Artist: Guo Zilong


Artist: Song Jiayin


Artist: Wang Xi

It in here

Artist: Xu Qin

Over there

Artist: Xu Qin

One flower one world, No.16

Artist: Zheng Dongmei

Dust mirror series: Butterfly of 4

Artist: Fan Xuqi

Peaceful in August 1

Artist: Li Na

Peaceful in August 3

Artist: Li Na

About his suppose - 2

Artist: Li Na

Without essential - PR

Artist: Shin Hoyoon

Kaleidoscope - 2

Artist: Xiao Bin

Iron Bird & Wing Chun

Artist: Zhang Zheyi

Lend your ear to feel

Artist: Zhang Zheyi

One flower one world, No.15

Artist: Zheng Dongmei

Sealed off, series 1 Flower

Artist: Guo Zilong


Art Nova 100 is a high-end art platform that discovers and promotes young artists. Artists are selected for this distinguished program through expert nominations, the artists’ own applications and mutual recommendations, recommendations by foundations, and a public evaluation process. The final shortlist of young artists are invited to participate in the annual art activities of Art Nova 100, which include exhibitions and forums both in China and abroad, as well as a multi-channel artist promotion program. Art Nova 100 continues to cultivate a diverse community and set of resources for artists, curators, academics, and collectors, while in tandem providing a means to help young artists on the path to achieving their dreams.  

With its far-reaching vision, internationalized perspective, open mind, and spirit of inclusivity, Art Nova 100 grows together with young artists of meritorious artistic talent and potential. The project has worked hard to establish and perfect a young artist literature database, promote the influence of contemporary arts in society, and raise global awareness of youth art. Building and improving the interaction and communication between Chinese and foreign cultures and arts circles, Art Nova 100 seeks to make a positive contribution towards the creation of a healthy, orderly, and sustainable young artist ecology.

Australia China Art Foundation (ACAF) is glad to collaborate with Art Nova 100 to hold this group exhibition.

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