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1/2 Scene — North Village Independent Workshop & Australian artists group show



Exhibition Dates:

Friday 07/06/13 - Sunday 07/07/13


PM3:00, 7th, JUN,2013


Wei Yan, Chen Weicai, Chen Xianhui, Deng Xiao , He Liping, Ji Guozhu, Li Yongkai , LI Yongzheng, Luo Li, Mao Weixin , Zhao Mi, Zhao Huan, Zhou Hehe, Xiong Yan, Wen Hao, Chen Qiang, Liu Chunyao , Zhang Yu, Leela Schauble , Lisa Roet, MELAINE IRWIN, Janet Laurence, Celeste Geer

1/2 Scene
North Village Independent Workshop & Australian artists group show


主办机构: 许燎源现代设计艺术博物馆、澳大利亚中国当代艺术基金会ACAF
Organizers: XLY MoMA/Australia China Art Foundation_ACAF

协办机构: 尤伦斯当代艺术中心UCCA
Supporters: Ullens Center for Contemporary Art_ UCCA

展览策划:魏言、许燎源 、 董亚仙
Curators: Wei Yan      Xu Liaoyuan     Yashian Schauble
出    品:北村独立工场
Producer: The North Village Independent Workshop

特邀嘉宾:李梁 _ 澳洲白兔美术馆顾问、沈少民 _ 著名艺术家  
Invited Guests: Li Liang(art consultant of the White RabbitGallery/Australia),  Shen Shaomin(artist)

展览时间: 2013年6月7日- 2013年7月7日_(成都)1/2现场   Opening Date: Jun 7-Jul 7, 2013_1/2 Site Chengdu

展览开幕酒会及行为表演: 2013年6月7日_下午3点    Opening and Performance : PM3:00, 7th, JUN,2013

展览地点: 成都锦江区三圣乡红砂社区许燎源博物馆   Exhibition Venue: XLY MoMA


After Eden Series: The Other Face of Nature

Artist: Janet Laurence

Synthetic Species No 1

Artist: Leela Schauble

Synthetic Species No 2

Artist: Leela Schauble

Synthetic Species No 3

Artist: Leela Schauble

Synthetic Species No 4

Artist: Leela Schauble

Synthetic Species No 5

Artist: Leela Schauble

Synthetic Species No 6

Artist: Leela Schauble

Synthetic Species No 7

Artist: Leela Schauble

Synthetic Species No 8

Artist: Leela Schauble

Then the wind changed

Artist: Celeste Geer

Primate Finger – Pinky

Artist: Lisa Roet

Surface Tension


Surface Tension


North Village Independent Workshop


Surface Tension (chengdu)



North Village Independent Workshop is an art-practice platform where a group of people automatically organize experiments on thoughts and views. Since it established in November 2007,it has become a significant art organization in southwest, which held plenty of exhibitions, from "Turnout of Two Ribs"(2010) to " 2012 Site Creation"(2011), from "Forking Garden"(2010) to "Two Men on Board a Boat"(2012), each exhibition is an automatically organized conflicts and arrangement, constantly reflects its cultural logic and art structure.

"A Half Scene"----the 8th exhibition of North Village Independent Workshop is divided into two parts, two places, as well as two time and space. As an independent project in "SEE/SAW" exhibition of UCCA,"A Half Scene" has been conducted; Another "A Half Scene" Show will be held in XLYMoMA in Chengdu. The two shows are separated in different time and space. Firstly it is to show a brand new attitude toward exhibition: to object to the conventional "classic" system in contemporary art exhibition, and to object to a "complete" desire or attempt of subject by declaring the "incomplete" form of itself, therefore, it puts forward a "subject" issue of exhibition, and put a way of separated combination into its practice.

The works in the exhibition all conform to a dual structure: live and post-live. This intention is indicated or explained by the texts in some works. This is a reflection, which includes inter-textual meaning. The dual structure is the resonance and identity of one exhibition/work subject occurring between two objective environments, which hinder the becoming of cultural textures that are connected as well as distinctive. What kind of combination and consequence the dialogue between these two things will result in? It is a question worth expecting. An exhibition is an extension or attachment of another exhibition? Or two independent structure? Observing the exhibition in the perspective of two shows, it definitely will produce different experience and value. It is an issue waiting to be completed whether the inter-textual connection will be produced.
From the Preface Separated subject and nomadic spirit.

By Wei Yan, 4th May 2013





 魏言  2013年5月4日



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