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Weave 5

Weave 5

Dai Dandan 


100 x 100 cm

Mixed media

RMB37, 500


Artist statement

I like going to different kinds of material markets then find out that objects we often see in our daily life will have a different represent effect after being split and reorganized. When useful objects become useless after losing their original usage, I wish people could reconsider their beauty. Then I bought many materials, doing various attempts on different objects with different mediums. At last, I chose the most simple expression method, the most traditional process of labor on flat canvas that is weaving.

My works are long pursuing a principle, forsake painting skills, use ready makes in daily life, apply to the cheapest labor skills, as a break in art form, try to break the boundaries between high art and craft art. 

Weave 5

Dai Dandan

Artwork Details

Dai Dandan
Weave 5

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