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Mirror “The Narcissist Gun”

Artist: Yu Bogong

Title: The Mirror “The Narcissist Gun”

Size: 10 x 4 x 80 cm/each

Edition 1/12

Material: Installation, pine, stainless steel, mirror

Year: 2005


The work Mirror “The Narcissist Gun” derives from a hidden violent tendency within the self-conscious. If we delve closely at the root of its origin, we can also see the imperceptible influence it has on our collective unconscious. Following the trail of these clues further, we see that this violent tendency has already internalized itself profoundly within the physical and psychological development of humanity. Under certain conditions this violence can be let out – this manifests itself precisely through individual violence, collective prejudice, and damage wrought by dogmatism. More of less, everyone at a stage in their childhood has become infatuated or has developed a desire to directly wield a gun. “Desire” and “Home-made Gun” are manifestations of this hidden involuntary violence expressing itself in an externalized form. Through the mirrored guns, we can meet and face squarely the danger situated deep inside understanding of the past, present, and future.

Mirror “The Narcissist Gun”

Yu Bogong

Artwork Details

Yu Bogong
Mirror “The Narcissist Gun”
Created date:
Installation, pine, stainless steel, mirror
Edition 1/12

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