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“SANJIE” is a composite art work created with three methods-oil painting, photograph, and video. The content is the same: a young Cchinese girl, wearing red scarf(the symbol of being a member of Young Pioneer Group), playing the thirteen figures of the last Supper, It took me nearly a year to complete the work, but the deliberation process took years before that, The oil painting was complete the first. Duing the Chinese new year of 2003, I took quite a lot of pictures and stayed at home doing the painting, After the painting was done, SARS was in full swing, Despite all the warnings, I went out frequently and finally completed the photograph and video part of the production in September 2003.Red scarf,  white shirt, they are both the symbols of the 1950s, and maybe even the 1970s, Indeed, the symbols remain vivid to this day.

To me, red scarf represents a period of memory, a mark of belonging to a certaim generation, the desire to be honored, the exciting and yet unsettling sentiment of being urged on by the martyrs who created the People’s Republic, and even more so, the doubt and quest to identify the relationship between individual and group, The white shirt was always so white, white even in dreams, and yet if also creates the pressure that was not exactly so white and pure, The color of history is fading, person ages, memory becomes vague and unreliable, In the last Supper, people always ask which one is Judas, I believe that Judas is all of us, As I grow older, I know more clearly that people can be naïve and simple as they can be, and as complicated as they can be.

Now I go back to the innocence of the youth as the origin, delete the whole process of growing up, Let the girl take the consequence of history, Let her balance herself in the process of breaking up, converging, evolving, and duplicating.


Cui Xiuwen

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Cui Xiuwen
Created date:
H: 96.98cm W: 560cm

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