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Reanimation!Underwater Zombie frog ballet!


Reanimation!Underwater Zombie frog ballet!

Music Video

Color, sound, 6’06”

Music by Yasuda Takuro


Courtesy of Beijing Commune


The other articulated project Reanimation! Frog zombie underwater ballet (2011), including like Krafttremor a video, documentaries and digital prints, started in 2009 and was accomplished during a residency at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. Eventually it takes the format of a music video which shows the electrically stimulated bodies of dead frogs originally used in medical dissection experiments: the “frog dance” is controlled by Midi controller and Midi signal. This work also pays homage to the revolutionary researches of the physician Luigi Galvani, who in 1771 opened the ground for the study of bioelectricity when discovered that the muscles of dead frogs legs twitched when struck by a spark.

Like a new Doctor Frankenstein, or maybe only fascinated by the possibility to separate the normally associated notions of “movement” and “life”, Lu has developed her own strategy to exorcize the idea of death, amusing and puzzling the viewers at the same time.

Reanimation!Underwater Zombie frog ballet!

Lu Yang

Artwork Details

Lu Yang
Reanimation!Underwater Zombie frog ballet!
Created date:
Music Video, Color, sound, 6’06”

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