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Primate Finger – Pinky

Artist: Lisa Roet

Title: Primate Finger - Pinky  

Material: Bronze 

Size: 145(H) x 60 x 45cm 

Year: 2012 

Donated by Lisa Roet

Lot. SA-13

Reserve: US$30,000


Lisa Roet graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT University in 1987. For the past 20 years, Lisa Roet has been working with the subject of Primates within her visual art practice. She has used the image of the ape/monkey as a vehicle from which to examine environmental issues, genetic discoveries, changing ideas of morality and religion. Her work floats between art and science and research has formed the basis for the continued interpretation of her subject. 

Primate Finger – Pinky

Lisa Roet

Artwork Details

Lisa Roet
Primate Finger – Pinky
Created date:
H: 145cm

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