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Over there

Over there

Xu Qin


80 x 60 cm

Arcyalic on canvas



Artist Statement

We will get something on our way of growing up but we also lose something, this is the theme I work on in those years. The solitary in my picture based on my search of my own experience, they become the center of picture language. And for the painting atmosphere I used the dispassion of western minimalist and the profound of Southern Song dynasty painting. I have my own understanding and many thoughts but I am avoiding stop here, I will come to brand-new scenery if I keep on searching. Though always feel lonely, I am consoled when seeing people searching the same scenery with the same mood. This is a kind of happiness to me though it is tiny and I wish people could see touching works through my hardworking. To the things at sprout time, even there is only a little bit hope, that is enough.   

Over there

Xu Qin

Artwork Details

Xu Qin
Over there

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