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North Village Independent Workshop

North Village Independent Workshop is an art-practice platform where a group of people automatically organize experiments on thoughts and views. Since it established in November 2007, it has become a significant art organization in southwest, which held plenty of exhibitions, from "turnout of two ribs"(2010) to " 2012 site creation"(2011), from " forking garden"(2010) to " two men on board a boat"(2012), each exhibition is an automatically organized conflicts and arrangement, constantly reflects its cultural logic and art structure.

"A Half Scene"----the 8th exhibition of North Village Independent Workshop is divided into two parts, two places, as well as two time and space. As an independent project in "SEE/SAW" exhibition of UCCA,"A Half Scene" has been conducted; Another "A Half Scene" Show will be held in XLY MoMA in Chengdu. The two shows are separated in different time and space. Firstly it is to show a brand new attitude toward exhibition: to object to the conventional "classic" system in contemporary art exhibition, and to object to a "complete" desire or attempt of subject by declaring the "incomplete" form of itself, therefore,it puts forward a "subject" issue of exhibition, and put a way of separated combination into its practice.




North Village Independent Workshop

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North Village Independent Workshop


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