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Miniature Garden Series - First season of 7

Miniature Garden Series - First season of 7

Guo Zilong


33 x 15 x 12 cm

Bronze, stainless steel



Miniature Garden series, the author creates this series of works based on his respect on Chinese traditional culture and the probe on life. The interchange between abiotic and zoetic present the works with the combination beauty of tradition and modern.

Traditional miniature garden based on the plants, it is an art method to show nature scenery in limited basin. People call it “three dimensional painting” and “silent poetry”. The miniature garden takes shape by trimming on the nature shape of plants. People get their ideal scenery by shaping the plant in form while the author showing the theme of life just with the abiotic metal.  The author freeze-frame the most beautiful shape of the miniature garden with his respectful feelings while it’s also a challenge on material using.

Miniature garden series keep on interchanging between abiotic and zoetic and searching life existence. New works is developing and forming.   

Miniature Garden Series - First season of 7

Guo Zilong

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Guo Zilong
Miniature Garden Series - First season of 7

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