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Lend your ear to feel

Lend your ear to feel

Zhang Zheyi


110.5 x 145 cm

Oil on canvas



Lend your ear to feel is a new work of 2014, there are dozens of F-16 Fighting Falcon flying in the sky and their exhaust make up a chrysanthemum. The frame is steady and delicate, the feeling is silent but the pretty flower made up of the exhaust suggests some quite impact. The falcon in the picture is as a grain of rice so they can stretch a huge space, light yellow background reflecting the classical atmosphere with Buddhism. “Lend your ear to feel” is the transliteration of “F-16”and it’s a lead understanding of this picture, more impressive than speech. One can even hear the roar of the falcon from far away. The author writes a poem on the bottom left in thin gold style:

Fireworks create an early chrysanthemum instantly

Lonely flying saucer appear in my dream

I wish to see the future by wind

Go through time by changes in life.

In this poem the flying saucer refers to UFO and the name of this poem is “Watching Change”. The author’s value of Tao can be easily seen in this poem.

Lend your ear to feel

Zhang Zheyi

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Zhang Zheyi
Lend your ear to feel

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