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Synthetic Species No 4

Artist: Leela Schauble

Title: Synthetic Species No.4 作品名称: 合成物种No.4

Material: photograph on metallic paper and aluminium mounted    材质:金属相纸,铝裱

Size: 70x70cm   尺寸:70x70cm

Edition: 1/8+AP  版数:1/8+艺术家版


No material on earth has been so highly valued for its usefulness, yet so maligned, as plastic. We have ambivalent, divergent, and irresolute feelings about plastics, and have never finally decided whether they are good or bad. The idea here is to conceive works of art as social representations of a socially constructed reality. To create images which challenge the perception of our physical and natural world. I’ve been examining closely the course of our human existence and what to expect of our future. Environment is unavoidably changing around us, species constantly evolving, what are the new challenges we must confront? Is extinction probable for us creatures in order to make way for superior breed of life? Synthetic Species Series puts forth the possibility of evolutionary existence for an inorganic object, plastic. Breathing in life to shape a process of metamorphosis from an immature form, plastic bag, to an adult form, unidentified species. These species inhabit the sea and only live once nothing else does.


Synthetic Species No 4

Leela Schauble

photograph on metallic paper and aluminium mounted

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