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In the Waves #2


In the Waves #2


Archival inkjet print

150 x 187.5 cm


Courtesy of Leo Xu Projects, Shanghai


Chen Wei's peculiar construction of an image - and of the story behind it - is re-enacted in the recent In the Waves. Exhibited here is the second photograph of a series reproducing the (stereo)typical context of a discoteque. Chen is fascinated by places like this, where people, particularly youngsters, go with the precise intention of killing time and doing nothing - or better nothing that requires specific planning. While moving to the rhythm of the music they can stop thinking and don't need to talk to others: it's like the ritual of a modern tribe. Yet like in all Chen Wei's works, the self-evidency of the image seems to be endangered and we are led to doubt that the space depicted is really what it looks like. What is unquestionable is the collectively shared loneliness of the subjects and of an entire generation.

In the Waves #2

Artwork Details

In the Waves #2
Created date:
Photography, Archival inkjet print
H: 150cm W: 187.5cm

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