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Fang Peixin 


80 x 110 cm

Oil on canvas



Artist statement on still life series

This still life series works based on ordinary objects in daily life. Those objects include the strawberry and grape bought from the market, the taro, potato and pumpkin stopped from the dining-table, the cotton specially picked from my hometown, the deal apple, dead wood and fallen leaves I brought back from the nearby hills after I had a walk there. The occasionally broke down branch covered with leaves. The peel thrown away by people and the insects died in harness, who circling the lights in my studio when I’m painting. The common ground they shared is useless or of no great use. The purpose I chose them is not only for showing the beauty of life but my respect to them. Every thing has his unusual value even the tiny humble ones if we tried and searched. I devoted myself while painting, trying to show every spotlight those objects own even it is the smallest dust.

The still life series of Fang Peixin, tiny and delicate, shows the beauty of ordinary things in daily life with his fluent painting skill. One will clam down with the sight of his strong Zen spirit paintings.


Fang Peixin

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Fang Peixin

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