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Existential Emptiness No 20

The series of Existential Emptiness is the presentation of the state of my thoughts after the initial typing of my mental structure. The direction of my psychology begins to enter the mental domain and space, the discussion and thought on the questions rooted in the level of mind, which is different from the level and boundary of space of the questions for the former works. Although the general appearance of the pictures still continues the form of the student, it is only the continuance of form and the questions talked about in the essence have been changed and left the level of material. The appearance of the pictures show the multidimensional mental tension force of the relation between human and nature, human and human in the three-dimensional space.

This series of works is the symbol of my initial accomplishment of my conscientious growth from physiology to psychology and then to mind.

It has been three years for me to gestateExistential Emptiness. In every stage from thinking the start to acting to shoot and then to manufacture, I go through the deep boundary experience. From understanding step by step to occasional insight, the joy and gains of the growth are more than the delight brought by the accomplishment of the works. The walking speed of the heart is very fast and the joy of zooming from the psychological space to the mental space and then in the mental space from flat surface thinking to dimensional thinking is hard to say. More works with strength and imagination have been accomplished in my mind and there should be run through by newer discovery and creativity in the subsequent technical expression and artist manifestation.

There is no end no matter in the state of behaving or art. Modern art need the present age level, the civilization level, spirituality, ideological level, the concept level even the religion level. Human need free more, the free in the mental space, the free from concretization to abstraction, from flat surface to three-dimensional, from static state to dynamic state, from manifestation to discovery, from function to energy, and from individual to human.

I present myself by the words completed in the making of the later period and hope that I can understand in the encouragement constantly and advance from strength to strength.

Existential Emptiness No 20

Cui Xiuwen

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Cui Xiuwen
Existential Emptiness No 20
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H: 95cm W: 300cm

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