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Dust mirror series: Bird of 3

Dust mirror series: Bird of 3

Fan Xuqi


160 x 100 cm

Oil on canvas



Fan Xuqi’s paintings are simple without ever being exaggerated. As an artist, she has a rare kind of disposition. In a society of material desire, she would rather own a pure and simple heart than glory. She connects her inner heart with the canvas, with natural elegance and clarity. Neither complicated colors nor intricate compositions exist on her canvas, which further highlights her flexibility. This is similar to the situation that she wants for her body and mind: natural elegance and clarity. Walking into one of her paintings, you feel as though some invisible power instantly makes your agitated mind enlightened. You are reminded “to constantly take care of the mind and soul and keep them away from pollution”.(Ming Ming Niao)

Dust mirror series: Bird of 3

Fan Xuqi

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Fan Xuqi
Dust mirror series: Bird of 3

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