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Digital No11-MH116 and Digital No11-MH116 (mini)

Wang Tiande was born in Shanghai in 1960 and graduated from the Chinese Painting Department at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou in 1988. Currently living and working in Shanghai Wang has become a pioneer of experimental ink painting in China, known for his unique twist in redefining works on paper and traditional landscapes. Unlike his contemporaries, many of whom turned to oil painting early in their careers, Wang decided that his preference lay in “redefining ink painting and calligraphy, the most value-laden of China’s art forms.” Wang’s art is a serious meditation on the precarious relation between permanence and fleeting efflorescence, between the material and the immaterial, between past and present, between tradition and contemporaneity.

Currently, his Digital series involves the painstaking process of using cigarettes or incense to burn images and script into paper and vellum. Rich in form and content, the final results are delicate negative images that call attention to both his unforgiving technique and an exceptional attention to detail and form. In his recent photographic works Wang captures piles of ash, reminiscent of mountains in Chinese landscape paintings, which display his continued dedication to creating quiet, yet contemporary works.

Wang is  currently one of China’s youngest full-­‐time Art History professors at the Fudan Art Education Centre in Shanghai. Wang Tiande’s work has been collected by the British Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Art, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Shanghai Museum of Art, Guangdong Art Museum, Shenzhen Art Museum and JP Morgan Bank. In 2006, Wang Tiande was exhibited in Brush and Ink, which was the first exhibition of contemporary Chinese painters held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Digital No11-MH116 and Digital No11-MH116 (mini)

Wang Tiende

Artwork Details

Wang Tiende
Digital No11-MH116 and Digital No11-MH116 (mini)
Created date:
Xuan paper, Chinese ink and burn marks
H: 180cm W: 35cm

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