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Chewing Gum Paper


Chewing Gum Paper, 2011

Single channel video

Color, sound, 3’10”

Courtesy of Leo Xu Projects, Shanghai 


Chewing gum paper (2011). ‘Silver paper balls are scattered on the surface of a drum. Jumping and moving along the fragmented record of Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have A Dream”, they seem to form a strange and lonely galaxy.’ (Cheng Ran)

The little silver balls tremble rhythmically, almost inducing a sense of alert and alarm enhanced by the sampling of “I have a dream” and the background sound of the crowds. This combination activates a new meaning that goes beyond the mythology implied in Martin Luther King’s voice and (in this case unseen) image.

Chewing Gum Paper

Cheng Ran

Artwork Details

Cheng Ran
Chewing Gum Paper
Created date:
Single channel video, Color, sound, 3’10”

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