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Artist: Yu Bogong

Title: Aoluguya

Size: 84 x 110 cm

Edition 1/10

Material: Black and White C-Print

Year: 2010


Aoluguya forms part of a project engaged with ‘facing nature’. There is a little-known tribe living in the hinterland forests situated northwest of the Great Khingan and Ergun River. In this place, there is “Aoluguya” - a place with a flourishing forest, where the Reindeer Ewenki people live.

The idea behind this work was to trace the nomadic journey of the Aoluguya tribe and the psychological state of being situated at the periphery. This coincides with my own creative practice – it is also something related to the intrinsic need for evolution and freedom. In the depths of the forest, in the sunlight, on the rocks, and under the stars, there is an unrestrained ‘freedom’ that can call out to you.

The black and white photograph is a result of my project “Facing Nature”, where I travelled deep into the grasslands and forest hinterlands to study the Ewenki People. The Ewenki People live near the Arctic Circle and follow the migration of reindeer; they go through the growth of moss and wander into the wilderness. The reindeer is their soul destination - their beliefs and values maintain a notion of respect in coincidence with nature. This notion of respect and balance with nature is to always maintain a simple value system. As a consequence, they regard everything they see as a constant abstract concept, which is deeply internalized within their consciousness to gradually form their belief in things. This existential relationship and psychological attachment with nature is the foundation that maintains their harmony with one another. This psychological connection is precisely what people from modern society are missing. Only by requesting the minimum from nature can we maximize and maintain a harmonious relationship with nature.


Yu Bogong

Artwork Details

Yu Bogong
Created date:
Black and White C-Print
Edition 1/10

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