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Selby Ginn


During her two-month residency at ACAF, Selby introduced to the children in Jiuqian to weaving, bookbinding, hand sewing and leatherwork techniques as well as eye/hand manipulative skills and wire armature construction. She focused on sourcing and recycling found materials, and encouraged the students to visualise and actualise their own personal narrative and visual expression.


Selby Ginn specialises in process-based and installation artworks, which combine found objects, sculpture, performance, painting and drawing. Ginn’s practice is an interpretive visual language. It is a dialogue that describes the cycles of human experience and references time, the human form, mythology, ritual and symbols. Her installations often include suspended forms, which are intended to coalesce with the space, describing part of a cycle rather than an end point.

Drawing upon the idea of the cyclical experience of time and mortality, Ginn’s recent sculptures use the outer skin of leather hides, a material that undergoes this natural process. She re-appropriates the leather by cutting it, punching holes into it, and then weaving it onto sculptural forms, literally making one skin from many.

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