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Mónica Ferreras De la Maza


‘Art Can Do has given me the opportunity to expand my mind amongst other things. It was beautiful to see each student gaining confidence and showing their individuality through art’


Mónica Ferreras De la Maza has presented 12 solo exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers in the Dominican Republic and in the United States. She was granted with the first given residency by the Davidoff Art Initiative at the ISCP, Brooklyn, NY. In 2010 Ferreras won Grand Prize at the XXIII Concurso E. Leon Jimenes, the most prestigious Biennial of Dominican Republic. She has participated in group shows in USA, Europe and America, and has worked for 20 years as a visual artist across a range of media including painting, drawing, installation and video art.

Her work focuses on the contemporary urban culture of the Dominican Republic and the youth of marginalized neighbourhoods in Santo Domingo. Manifested in her art is the artist’s exploration of the psychological and sociological perspectives on the state of her surroundings, raising questions about social class, the influence of tradition and consumerism on local and, ultimately, universal levels.

During her residency at ACAF in 2016, Mónica Ferreras De la Maza contributed to the ARTS CAN DO program through volunteering at Songjiang Special Education School. She worked with children with special needs and disabilities, challenging them to move beyond drawing and painting, and to explore 2D and 3D collage techniques. Monica gave special attention to how each one of the students was feeling during the class and facilitated a process that allowed them creative freedom and self expression. 

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