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Lianxi Zhang


During his residency at ACAF, Lianxi Zhang worked with students at Songjiang District Supplementary School, guiding them through sculpture techniques to challenge and nurture their bodies and exploring the story of the Monkey King to open their minds.


Lianxi Zhang is a concept artist, who has experimented with many different mediums throughout his career. Originally trained as a sculptor at Tsinghua University, Zhang’s early works used clay, wood, stone, and metal to express changes within Chinese culture. During this time, Lianxi was also a prolific photographer and filmmaker. Since the beginning of his career, Lianxi has primarily focused upon three main themes: the ultimate value of human beings, the conflict between humans and nature, and the effects of global consumer culture.

As a college student and mixed media artist, Lianxi lived in Peking for twelve years. In this time he witnessed many changes within China’s social culture, and began to develop his own style of art. After many years as a working artist in Peking, Lianxi moved to Shanghai, and became a university lecturer at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. For the past six years, Lianxi has taught art, and worked on a number of solo and collaborative projects, in an attempt to better contribute to society.

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