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Kriss Wong


Kriss Wong was our first Yunnan residency artist volunteering at the Yunnan Arts Can Do centre. Kriss has been teaching arts to children at Longlin Primary School, which is located in the beautiful countryside surrounded by hills on all sides and close to a Dai ethnic village. Her residency started in September 2015 and Kriss recently returned to ACAF in 2017 to support programs and visiting artists out of our Songjiang headquarters.


Kriss Wong is a Maylasia based self-taught visual artist. Her artistic expressions are related to contemporary social, cultural and environmental issues through videography, photography, drawings and a variety of mediums.

She has worked for non-governmental organizations, written freelance for travel magazines, taught arts to children, worked as visual artist at music festivals. Traveling plays an important part in her artistic expressions because she is very much inspired by new experiences and new encounters through cross- cultural exchanges.

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