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Charlie Stein


Artist Charlie Stein took up an Arts Can Do Residency to work with our children an bold project 'The Ming Vase'. Charlie is an internationally renown conceptual artist acclaimed for both the breadth of her work and the incisive nature of her interpretation of modern lives. Charlie has worked in painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation. She has exhibited in the USA, Germany, China, Switzerland and Poland. Her thought provoking explorations of the lives of the physical and mental lives people in places as diverse as New York and her home in Stuttgart Germany have won her much admiration. In the Ming Vase project Charlie will work with the children to help them create their own modern Ming vases. Instead if the idealised traditional decoration the children will bring images of their own lives and experiences. Charlie explains “China traditionally is a very child friendly culture, a child is a blessing and often treated like a prince or a princess, when the family has the means to do so. In an intact family structure the grandparents can offer full love and attention to their grandchildren. When children of migrant workers move with their parents to the city the grand parents stay behind. The traditional family structures are broken and there are no grand parents to help care for and love the children, making the lives for the migrant workers and their children even harder. These children however are part of the future generation that will decide the face of future China. The experiences they make when they are growing up, will define the way they will react, treat and perceive the world around them. The project will focus on the individual circumstances of the children from families that have not been able to leave poverty and hardship behind. Not idyllic scenes, but their own sleeping place, the housing where they are to stay will form the basis for their paintings."


German conceptual artist Charlie Stein graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart where she studied at the class of Christian Jankowski. Prior to this she received an education in classical painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich at Professor Gerhard Merz. She also holds a master‘s degree in political and social sciences and English literature and linguistics from the University of Stuttgart.

In her work she focuses on the perception of cultural identities and their implications in a globalised, interconnected world, which she then translates into installations and projects that contain both a tangible quality and a distinct visual notion. She works with different media, ranging from sculpting and painting to media installations, video and performance.

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