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Brenton Mark Rossow


During his residency at ACAF Brenton worked with students at Songjiang District Supplementary School to expore the slights, sounds and traditions of Australia and Thailand. Brenton shared sharing his passion for teaching and love of music to guide students through interactive and creative visual arts and movement classes.


Brenton Mark Rossow is a musician, writer, photographer, and filmmaker, who worked in South East Asia for many years. From 2011 to 2014, Brenton recorded a number of albums with the Laotian Army Band whilst pursing other varied creative projects. In 2011, he had his first solo photography exhibition at Burpha University, Thailand, and has since been involved in several group exhibitions in both Shanghai and Perth.

His most recent photographic work discusses the impact of post-consumer waste; its strong ecological impetus is drawn from an environment where abandoned cars jut out of the earth like monoliths, a world of mangled metal and violence that disturbs one’s complacency with decadent consumerism and material excess.

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